About our company

Registered name :
Sdsm Exploitation

City :
Neufchatel-En-Bray, in french department 76 (Seine-Maritime)

Creation date :

Activity :

Registered office :
Sdsm Exploitation
Rue De La Grande Flandre
76270 Neufchatel-En-Bray

Special information for suppliers, producers and service providers:

Our company SDSM Exploitation is a local firm. We never collect merchandise directly from suppliers or partners. We never make orders with a shipping address different from:

SDSM Exploitation
Rue de la Grande Flandre
76270 Neufchâtel-en-Bray

If you suspect that a person is attempting to place a fake order, do not respond and contact our office SDSM Exploitation.

We have indicated on the home page the informations you must check to detect fake purchase order.

For additional information about SDSM Exploitation entity, please visit our Legal Mentions page.